Improve customer satisfaction and call handle times with flexible online booking

Achieve ROI with scheduling tools that streamline customer service, regulate workloads, and reduce abandon rates

Call centers depend on their ability to balance high quality customer service with efficient use of resources. Long queues of callers waiting on hold and customers connected to a different operator on every call can be things of the past when smart tools are employed to simplify the way contact centers operate.

Connect customers with a rep who knows them

Give your customers access to a dedicated operator who knows their case every time with minimal effort. By offering them the ability to schedule calls directly with the same team member who dealt with their case on previous calls, or the chance to pick up where they left off on a dropped call, customers are saved the headache of repeating their issue time and again, leading to higher satisfaction and quicker resolution. Each individual operator can be booked in seconds with a unique booking link that uses real-time availability to offer call-backs to customers.

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Lower abandon rates

The highest abandon rates are produced from long queues and extended periods of being kept on hold. With scheduled call-backs booked by the customer for a convenient time, abandon rates fall dramatically while operators have less pressure to rush through a backlog of waiting callers.

"[Appointedd’s] backend functionality is head and shoulders above where everybody else is. Our staff love it. It’s easy to use, it just flows really easily. It’s certainly made an impact on call times."

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Reduce call handle time

Lower handle times = less labour required per call = lower costs per call. When the frustration of a long hold period or being bounced from operator to operator is removed, customers are happier, more open to quick resolutions, and less likely to spend valuable time “venting”. Moreover, online booking for calls allows important information about the customer’s query or issue to be collected in advance, meaning staff members can prepare for calls in advance and be ready with the best solution.

Regulate call volume

Being able to regulate the stream of incoming calls throughout the day allows you to make better, more efficient use of your staff’s time, and reduces wait times to improve abandon rates. Scheduled call-backs smooth out call spikes during the day by allowing customers to choose an alternative time for their call from what is available. Customers feel that they are being catered to, while surplus calls from the busiest times are transferred to quieter times in the day.

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