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Supercharge online appointment booking

With Appointedd, customers can book all in-person or virtual appointment services online in seconds. Appointedd’s Capacity Flex functionality allows you to set the maximum capacity of each dealership or showroom to respect current social distancing guidelines, manage footfall, and mitigate any unnecessary people traffic. Stagger arrival times and take control of pinch points like entrances and exits with automatic buffers before and after each bookable time slot. All services, such as MOTs, servicing, showroom visits, and test drives can all be bookable online, 24/7 with ease and within budget.

Online Booking System

Deliver a safe and personalized service

Appointedd’s custom Q&A allows you to gather details of customers’ preferences and requirements at the time of booking, so your team can prepare prior to the appointment and deliver a truly personalized, and safe service. Appointedd’s real time availability engine takes into account the current occupancy of branch, showroom or service during the online booking process, so the user is only shown times which can accommodate them. During the booking process, a digital audit trail is automatically triggered enabling you to keep a compliant record of booking schedules, which will also assist with your test and trace methods. 

Automate communications

Keep in touch with your customers and nurture loyalty with Appointedd’s SmartComms suite. Automatically send your customers a booking reminder or follow-up via email, or even a text if they need to be informed of an unsafe interaction. Our automated smart communications are driven by AI, meaning you can save valuable admin time and trigger customised, highly targeted multi-channel messaging in just a few taps. Our clients have reduced no-show rates of 67%.

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Streamline operations and increase conversion

Appointedd’s scalable booking system allows you to manage multiple locations from a single hub. With a choice of user permission levels and individual resource calendars, your associates can easily keep on top of their daily appointments while management has a complete overview of productivity. Our online booking widgets support multi-timezone and multi-language functionality and can generate an online booking conversion of up to 98%. Increase selling opportunities and manage the increase of footfall with Appointedd.

Intelligent reporting

Appointedd’s detailed data reports will play a crucial role in helping you understand the operations of every automotive branch, and support a safe return to in-person interactions. Our automatic digital audit trail is triggered during every online booking, and keeps a GDPR compliant record of booking schedules and human contact. Identify and communicate with appropriate staff and customers during any test and trace operations. Reports also show you who is using what space or service, booking and cancellation rates, communication usage, and the source of the bookings, empowering you to maximise your resources and easily adapt to future changes. 

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