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In today’s digital age, customer expectations for online interaction has never been greater. Harness Appointedd’s smart booking platform to reduce scheduling friction, recover efficiency and create new opportunities.

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Drive conversion, increase productivity

Appointedd’s customisable online booking technology enables your customers to conveniently make bookings online for calls, consultations, appointments or even in-store services. By creating a seamless, omnichannel experience, you can bridge the gap between your online and offline worlds, increasing business efficiency and supercharging both inbound and outbound sales efforts.

An innovative, omnichannel experience

In today’s digital age, customer expectations for online interaction has never been greater. Appointedd’s innovative booking tech empowers businesses to offer a seamless, memorable customer experience and ensures you keep up with new digital trends in today’s highly-competitive era.

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Create personal engagements

Staff can set questions aimed at capturing essential information during the booking process to better understand the client’s requirements prior to the booking. Time buffers can be included to enable staff to prepare, and use time at the end of the call to schedule the next steps, update your CRM, or prepare for the next appointment. Preparation promotes positive outcomes, and streamlined processes reduce costs.

Elevate every customer experience

Customer’s details are gathered at the time of booking and added to their personalised customer profile. Appointedd’s marketing tools provide the ability to reach out to existing customers according to past interactions, demographics, or at a particular point in their customer journey – an engaging way to grow customer loyalty effortlessly.

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Supercharge revenue

Convert more online traffic in to personalised appointments, meetings or consultations. Appointedd’s online booking app converts online traffic into engaged prospects and partners, creating the opportunity for your team to elevate customer engagement, build raport, and up-sell or cross-sell your product or service. Use our powerful reporting tools to track progress.

Improve your digital maturity

Our cloud-based, evergreen solution provides advanced functionality to some of the world’s leading organisations, helping them use technology to increase profitable customer engagements and simplify the customer journey. With fast and easy implementation, full guidance and training, and the ability to work with existing processes and legacy systems, Appointedd is the simplest, most effective way to improve the digital maturity of your business and see a complete return on investment.

Read our Westfield case study Discover how a hyper-collaborative partnership with Appointedd enabled Westfield to engage guests and boost revenue with online booking for kiddy cars and mobility vehicles.

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Brand consistency across the board

Appointedd’s booking tools and automated communications are customisable to keep your brand front and centre throughout every customer journey. Booking apps can be matched to your brand colours and you have complete control over your booking flow, ensuring you collect the data you want while offering your customers an engaging, digital experience. 

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