Flex your store capacity with accordance to government guidelines

Offer your customers the ultimate flexibility by enabling them to book store entry times

Transforming the challenges of C-19 into business benefits, Appointedd’s scheduling software is managing store capacity, driving customer engagement and increasing basket size for retailers.
Businesses that love Appointedd

“Appointedd is really helping us bridge the gap between the online and offline customer journey. We are an omnichannel business and we want our customers to engage with us via our website and to visit us in-store. So for us, Appointedd has been key in connecting the two - it’s created a more streamlined customer journey."

Hannah Templeman

CRM and Loyalty Manager, Space NK

“We worked with Appointedd to develop a solution that reduced friction within the customer journey so that parents could easily book with us and find a convenient time to come in and talk with our team or attend our ‘Parents To Be’ events – enhancing their overall experience.”

Chris Greenwood

CIO, Mamas & Papas

Your store capacity

Calculate your maximum store capacity here, via Appointedd. Your maximum store capacity is based on the size of your retail store and the current government social distancing restrictions in place, which empowers you to know how many customers can safely be in your store at any given time. If the social distancing  guidelines are altered in the future, the max capacity can easily be recalculated and flexed via Appointedd.

Capacity Calculator Mockup

The ultimate flexibility for retail

Appointedd’s capacity management feature is perfect for retailers who are focussed on welcoming as many customers as they can back in-store, while adhering to government regulations. Give your customers the ultimate flexibility about how they come in-store; book online, walk-in and be greeted via concierge (with or without data capture), or scan a QR code on the storefront window. All of these methods will be capped to your calculated maximum store capacity.

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Real time store availability

No matter how the customer chooses to book (online via your website, walk-in, or scan a QR code), Appointedd’s real time availability engine takes into account the current occupancy of each store during the online booking process, so customers are only shown store entry times which can accommodate them or their party.

Queue Management QR Code
Online Booking System

An ever changing environment

As retail adapts to the changing consumer behaviours presented by C-19, Appointedd will give you the confidence to easily comply with government regulations and be in a position to react quickly when regulations get updated. Appointedd’s evergreen ethos gives you full access to our tech stack which enables; queue-less entry, bookable click & collect slots, bookable fitting rooms, virtual events, retail by appointment, auto-communications with your customers, online payments, and more!