Operating globally, SEIKOURI Inc. needed a solution that would allow scheduling of multiple bookable calendars across various timezones. Markus Brinsa, CEO, approached Appointedd to deliver this unique functionality.

An international business

SEIKOURI is a global strategic consulting and alliance development firm. They support tech companies and service providers from around the world with their expansion into the American, European, and Asian markets.

The challenge

For such an international enterprise, the organization required a solution that would provide a unique, robust booking tool that could calculate timezone requirements and make it simple to connect with clients and colleagues around the world.

I can honestly say that using Appointedd has transformed the way the entire SEIKOURI team as well as our partners around the globe run their calendars. Markus Brinsa – CEO

The solution

In order to streamline global business, the ideal system for SEIKOURI would need to be able to support multiple different calendars and timezones, plus the ability to easily change timezones for travelling. On top of that, the tools would have to ake the confusion out of scheduling calls and meetings across timezones by removing the need for ‘timezone math’.

Why Appointedd?

After looking into other scheduling tools on the market, none of them offered the kind of timezone-juggling functionality that SEIKOURI needed. Appointedd was able to provide a sophisticated but simple-to-use solution to these complicated requirements.

“We came across Appointedd while researching tools that could help us to manage calls and meetings across various timezones,” Markus says. “As an international business, with offices in New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Frankfurt, and Singapore, and with satellite teams in Sao Paulo, London, Berlin, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, we schedule both in-house and external meetings across multiple timezones all the time. We were looking for a system that would allow people to book with us online.

“We tested almost every online scheduling solution on the market, but none of them took into consideration the fact that I, my team, and our partners are frequent travellers. We reached out to the software vendors, talked to their support teams, their system architects, even to their founders and investors, but none of them could or wanted to handle this request.”

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Thanks to Appointedd, SEIKOURI now has the multi-timezone functionality they need.

“I can honestly say that using Appointedd has transformed the way the entire SEIKOURI team, as well as our partners around the globe, run their calendars.”