100% of appointments made online – spend 0 hours on manual scheduling

Collaborating with clients and accelerating the growth of digital is a focus for many firms across the financial services industry. Now more than ever, the drive to maximize efficiencies across entire organisations is hugely important.

Here at Appointedd, we exist to understand the nuances of your business and collaborate with you to optimise the number of hours billable staff spend with clients, virtually or in-person. Our smart scheduling system helps clients – including two of the Big 4 – create seamless client journeys, enabling staff to spend less time on manual scheduling, and more time on business critical items.

Here’s what Appointedd’s online booking tools have achieved for all types of business, from local tax advisors to a national assurance and pension companies.

A truly global solution

Collaborating with the world’s biggest… and best

When lockdown was first announced in early 2020, Appointedd helped one of the Big Four consulting firms immediately move all in-person appointments, online. In less than an hour, our team worked to transform an entire team’s operations, supporting them to seamlessly communicate and engage with their clients through a very challenging time.

Since then, our online booking tools have helped achieve some outstanding results for our clients:

  • 7 seconds – the amount of time it took a client to book an appointment
  • 98% – the attendance rate of all appointments booked via Appointedd
  • 94% – the booking conversion rate across all client services
  • 40% – the rise in appointments since introducing Appointedd
  • 100% – the amount of bookings made via Appointedd. 0 hours spent on manual scheduling

Appointedd is more than an online booking tool or automatic calendar invite – we manage the booking right the way through the client journey.

Our evergreen software allows clients to use all of Appointedd’s smart functionality, from virtual meetings, to dynamic communications. Some of our most popular features in the Financial and Professional Services industry include:

  • Data-driven reporting View and filter the data to better understand key business metrics; top resources, generated revenue, cancellations, and so much more.
  • Multi-timezone, mulit-language, multi-currency – Remove the need to think about the complexities of running a global business.
  • Status of appointments measure how many services drive revenue via billable staff. Appointment status’ can be customized to your business e.g. complete billable or complete non-billable.
  • Virtual meetings, 1:1 and 1:many Integrate with a video conferencing tool via Appointedd. Choose Zoom or MS Teams to meet your clients online, wherever they are.

Our technology helps businesses drive efficiencies across the entire organisation and better understand client behaviour. This could be understanding who, and how many, clients are booking year after year, how far they’re booking in advance, or the most popular time of day to book online.

“The data is something that really pushes Appointedd ahead of competitors. In my work with other providers, they promise a lot and under deliver. From my experience with Appointedd, especially from the level of data we have requested leading up to lockdown, it has been no challenge at all. It’s remarkable – the team always over delivers”. – One of Appointedd’s enterprise clients


From zero to 100% of bookings made online

Before Appointedd, a national assurance and pension company had staff spending whole days scheduling B2B client appointments. Since introducing our software, manual bookings are a thing of the past!

“Appointedd has been a huge benefit in our business which has been liberated from time consuming manual bookings, not to mention the ease of use for our end customers. The team at Appointedd are really engaged in understanding the nuances in our business to ensure we are always getting the most from their expertise.”

All companies and their operations are different, which is why Appointedd can be used so widely by flexing our settings to suit your needs. One of Appointedd’s clients in the Financial Services sector adds personalizations to their client journey via the following features:

  • Custom schedule for all services – set custom times when each service can be booked via Appointedd. This helps businesses focus their resource on each client company at specific times of the day/week/month.
  • Customized widget creation – create booking widgets for every service; whether it’s a new service, client webinars or customizing each widget to match client brand colours.
  • Smart communications sent automatically – set confirmation, reminder and follow-up emails to be sent after every client interactions, wether it be a in-person appointment or virtual webinar.

Your time is your most valuable commodity

You might be wondering how much time your business could save on manual scheduling…

Use our ROI calculator to find out how much time, money, and resource your business will save by introducing Appointedd’s online booking tools for client scheduling.

ROI calculator

Ever wondered how much time your staff could save on manual scheduling? By using our ROI calculator, you can find out how much time, money, and resource your business will save by introducing Appointedd's online booking tools for client scheduling.

We already work with some of the world’s best, including two of the Big 4 and leading Financial Services firms.

To use the calculator, just enter some basic variables, and we’ll tell you how much you could save with Appointedd.

Reclaim your admin time

Save up to:

{[ dayAppointments() | number:0 ]} extra hours per day

{[ monthAppointments() | number:0 ]} extra hours per month

{[ yearAppointments() | number:0 ]} extra hours per year

Multiply your revenue

Generate an extra:

£{[ (cust_call * calls_per_day / app_time) * app_cost | number:0 ]} per day

£{[ (cust_call * calls_per_day / app_time) * 5 * 4 * app_cost | number:0 ]} per month

£{[ (cust_call * calls_per_day / app_time) * 5 * 4 * 12 * app_cost | number:0 ]} per year

Request a custom demo of the software to get started

Flexible booking tools for businesses of all sizes

Independent businesses are the heart of Appointedd and we pride ourselves on making our online booking tools easy to use – no tech skills are required to get set up!

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