Castlefield Beauty Bar

With several businesses to run, owner Anish Nambiar needed a tool that would streamline the management of Castlefield Beauty Bar while allowing him to stay on top of things on the move. Integrating Appointedd with his Epos Now till allows Anish to keep on top of his stock, view his reports, and manage his salon from one place.

Castlefield Beauty Bar is a hair and beauty salon in the heart of Manchester, specializing in hair, nails, make-up, and massages. Owner Anish Nambiar is a serial entrepreneur with successful businesses in the travel, property, and beauty industries.

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The challenge

Often travelling on business, Anish needed a solution that would give him full visibility and control of his salon and bookings wherever he was.

I chose Appointedd because it gives me access to the system from anywhere and allows me to keep track of day to day salon appointments and sales. Anish Nambiar – Owner

The solution

The ideal tool for Castlefield Beauty Bar would be one that not only provided self-serve booking tools for customers and automated confirmations and reminders, but also had a mobile-friendly backend so that Anish was able to manage his business from anywhere.

Why Appointedd?

Along with the customizable, user-friendly booking tools, Appointedd also integrates with Anish’s point of sale system: Epos Now. The Epos Now point of sale platform seamlessly integrated with Appointedd proved to be the perfect solution for his business requirements. Using Epos Now and Appointedd enables Anish to manage his entire business from his back pocket, giving Anish visibility on all sections of his business, from appointment booking to staff management.


Customer notes are also tracked in Appointedd, a feature Anish uses to ensure he’s giving great customer service. Customer details in Appointedd automatically appear in Anish’s Epos Now account, keeping customer records up to date across both systems. He also uses Epos Now’s loyalty functionality to reward customers with a point system, like their larger corporate competitors. 


The result

Anish’s team can crosscheck the daily appointments in the online calendar with the day-end reports to ensure that all the accounts are in order, providing a seamless flow from online booking to printing the till receipt. Salon staff can create transactions in the Epos Now till system seamlessly from the online diary, quickly and easily taking payment from customers.

Anish can also fill cancellations and empty slots at the last minute by sending out SMS or email campaigns via Appointedd. Having sent SMS campaigns for Valentine’s Day offers, and even discounts for ‘Terrific Tuesdays’, a day in the salon that is traditionally quieter, Anish understands the impact that direct marketing can have on his salon.