is the eHarmony for finding tech experts. They match their customers with their perfect techie through their online matchmaking marketplace of vetted technical talent that specialize in app, web, and software development. To provide their service quickly and efficiently, they use Appointedd to let their users book consultations in seconds online.

Techie help

Aliya Amershi, CEO of AskaTechie, founded the company in 2016 after a year’s worth of development. Aliya wanted to provide a service that simplified the process of seeking help with technological issues.

“AskaTechie is a matchmaking service – like eHarmony for tech experts and laypeople. By engaging with customers we can enlighten them with really valuable consultancy.

“The core of the business is to help people with technology. I saw so many people who were doing things wrong and who were overwhelmed by all the information out there. I wanted to give them an easy way to find someone they could trust to guide them.”

The challenge

At the heart of the business lies dedicated customer service and meaningful advice, so customer engagement is a priority. Having a seamless booking method is a big part of delivering an excellent customer experience for AskaTechie.

“We needed something on the website to keep customer experience as good as it can be from start to finish. We didn’t want just a regular landing page with a form, which is what all other tech sites and development agencies offer.”

Having a robust, user-friendly booking system in place lets visitors easily book and pay in one simple process... Appointedd has been a lifesaver. Aliya Amershi – CEO and Founder

The solution

To deliver the most convenient service to their users, AskaTechie needed a system that would allow them to take fast, easy bookings, using real-time availability to get people the answers they need as soon as possible.

Why Appointedd?

Appointedd’s advanced, intuitive software was able to deliver just the convenience and ease of use that Aliya was looking for.

“Appointedd has been a lifesaver. It was exactly what we needed to get the service out there. Our previous booking system was becoming a big nightmare and we were going to just scrap it, which would have left us without a booking or payment system on our website. Appointedd really came through for us.

Another benefit of the system is how fast and simple it is to set up and configure, which was a big plus for AskaTechie.

“The team has been fantastic. We thought we needed something custom-made to accommodate our requirements, but they were able to come up with a solution that addressed most of our customization needs really quickly. We needed to get it working fast because we were down to the wire, and we finished the setup in no time. There are even features that have been added to the software since we started using it that were on our wish list for a booking system, which is great.”

The result

Appointedd’s customizable booking tools have elevated the service AskaTechie provides with their simple, user-friendly booking flow.

“I love the booking apps; they integrate really nicely with our system. What was especially useful was that we could set one up for each of our experts.

“Having a robust, user-friendly booking system in place lets visitors easily book and pay in one simple process.”

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