Clear numbers behind the safe reopening

Appointedd's Capacity Management for retail

Capacity calculator

All over the world, retailers – big and small – are at the forefront of easing lockdown restrictions. After uncertainty caused by global pandemic, many retailers are left with questions about the safe reopening. To enable retailers to react quickly, Appointedd created a suite of online appointment scheduling, capacity management, click & collect, and queueing tools.

Appointedd's Capacity Management highlights:

  • Calculate capacity based on the size of your store
  • Set an overall capacity of the building
  • Appointedd will never let your store to be overbooked
  • Frictionlessly comply with government regulations around social distancing
  • Be in a position to react quickly, should regulations get updated
  • Use the rest of Appointedd’s tech stack to enable queue-less entry, book click & collect slots, host virtual events, book retail by appointment, communicate with your customers, take payments, and more

"Across the retail industry right now, the safest way of serving the customer is with appointments. We know that we’re going to need tighter scheduling to maximise both the value and safety that each appointment delivers. We’re confident that Appointedd gives us the tools and the team that we need to do this effectively."

Roddy Forfar Portrait Photograph

Ian Shaw

Retail Director, Moss Bros.

"We pride ourselves on offering a personalized experience for every bride. That’s why we work so well with the Appointedd team and really benefit from using their software, especially at times like this."

Roddy Forfar Portrait Photograph

Monica Marriott-Mills

Marketing Manager, The Wedding Gallery