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Let’s crunch the numbers

How much could you save with Appointedd?

Ever wondered how much your time is really worth? With our super smart calculator you can find out how much extra time and money you could gain every day by taking bookings online with Appointedd.

To use the calculator, just enter some basic details about your business and booking process, and we’ll tell you how much you could save with Appointedd.

Grow your business

Book up to:

{[ dayAppointments() | number:0 ]} extra appointments per day

{[ monthAppointments() | number:0 ]} extra appointments per month

{[ yearAppointments() | number:0 ]} extra appointments per year

Multiply your revenue

Generate an extra:

£{[ (cust_call * calls_per_day / app_time) * app_cost | number:0 ]} per day

£{[ (cust_call * calls_per_day / app_time) * 5 * 4 * app_cost | number:0 ]} per month

£{[ (cust_call * calls_per_day / app_time) * 5 * 4 * 12 * app_cost | number:0 ]} per year

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"The security deposit that we have introduced through the Appointedd system ensures that we are compensated for any last minute cancellations. This is a fantastic tool for a new, growing business!"

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Kenneth McGuigan

Mint Car Care

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