On the second day of Christmas…

The second integration in Appointedd’s 12 integrations of Christmas is one we and lots of our users love a lot: our integration with Facebook, which allows you to take bookings directly from your business Facebook page. It’s very nifty, and so quick and easy to do.

Facebook has become an incredible tool for attracting new customers to your business, as well as for connecting with existing ones. Many businesses even rely on their Facebook page rather than shell out for a website, and that makes Appointedd a valuable asset that can turn Facebook into a powerful tool for conversion.

So how does it work? Well, the Appointedd booking apps (which are customisable, by the way) can be embedded directly onto a Facebook page in just a few clicks. It’s as simple as clicking the ‘Add to Facebook’ button when you’ve finished creating your booking app and following the simple steps. Find out how to create your booking app here.

Once you’ve added your app to Facebook you’ll see a ‘Book Now’ tab appear on your page and this is where your Appointedd booking app will live!

You can find out more about driving bookings from Facebook and what it can do for your business in this blog.

The 12 integrations of Christmas

A partridge in a pear FreeAgent

Three French hens using Quickbooks and Appointedd to make bookkeeping simple

Four birds calling customers back with SugarCRM and Appointedd

Five golden calendars, all synced with Appointedd

Six geese taking bookings from their WordPress website

Seven swans managing their team with OrangeHRM and Appointedd

Eight maids taking bookings at their Epos Now point of sale

Nine ladies making accounting easy with Xero and Appointedd

Ten lords dragging and dropping an Appointedd booking app onto their Weebly website

Eleven pipers taking Stripe payments with Appointedd bookings

Twelve drummers planning band practice with Doodle and Appointedd

Published on 14 December 2016