We know it’s hard enough just keeping up with the day at hand. You’re dashing from one side of town to the other, in and out of appointments, and all the time your inbox is piling up. We get it: something has to give, and when it’s a choice between the client in front of you and a silent, faceless email, it’s natural to prioritise the first.

But finding the time to get back to your enquiring customers quickly is a guaranteed way to keep everyone feeling good. No one likes waiting in limbo for an email or text that may or may not arrive, so even the briefest message just to let the client know their email has been received will keep them feeling happy and listened to.

And you don’t even need a spare minute to type that message out. Canned responses – saved emails that can be sent with the click of a button – are a great way of getting back to general enquiries with minimal time and effort. Or how about setting up an email autoreply? In Gmail you can find the ‘vacation responder’ under the settings tab, and this tool works just as well for days when you know you’ll be too busy to respond to emails individually.

And what if your online booking software could keep up that dialogue with your client as well? Appointedd’s email confirmations and reminders as part of the appointment scheduler are an effortless way to communicate important information without the rigamarole of checking the diary and sending out twenty different messages. No mix-ups, no waiting, and blissful ease from start to finish.

So keep the inbox happy and the ball rolling by getting back to your customers in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, in the blink of an eye, and quick as a dog can lick a dish.


Published on 4 November 2015