Customers are amazing: their needs are the reason you started your business, they keep things interesting, and they bring you shiny money. What’s not to love about customers? Well, aside from those odd few that make you think Sartre might have met them right before he wrote “Hell is other people”, there’s also the little task of finding them. And keeping them coming back. And generally keeping on top of them in terms of confirming, reminding, rescheduling, reminding again…

When you’ve only got a team of one (or not many more than one) marketing isn’t just a chore, it’s a marathon. How are you supposed to attract new customers while also giving focused, attentive service to the ones you’ve got? And how do you even do marketing without a budget and a department of people sending emails and writing adverts?

We at Appointedd want small and medium business to flourish and grow with help from the latest tools and techniques, just like the big companies — which is why we created a whitepaper all about how to make your marketing really work while also saving you time and energy to put into your business. In the whitepaper you’ll learn how to:

  • Optimize your online presence to convert more customers
  • Hone your marketing to make it truly effective, and even automate it
  • Encourage customer loyalty by focusing on excellent customer service
  • Make the dreaded no-show customer a thing of the past
  • Spend less time on marketing, with better results

You can download the whitepaper The Single-Handed School of Marketing here. It’s totally free and packed full of useful tips and advice. Happy reading!


Published on 26 December 2016