Business Rocks! 30+ Integrated Apps & Your Personalized Business Dashboard…

• 02/15/2016 3:43 PM
Ever been frustrated that you have so many different business tools and they don't integrate with each other? Well, we've got the answer... Appointedd is delighted to announce that we are now fully integrated with over 30 small business apps, from Xero to SugarCRM, Eventbrite to Quickbooks. And, even better, through an innovative partnership with Maestrano, you can view all your apps in one intuitive dashboard! Imagine this: You receive a new booking and your customer’s details are automatically saved to your Appointedd customer database. Now you need to send an invoice, so you open your invoicing application and thanks to Maestrano Connec! all the necessary information is already there and the invoice is already generated. It really is that easy. Read More
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Five Ways Appointedd can Simply Make Your Life Easier

• 01/18/2016 4:29 PM
 So, it’s two weeks into the New Year. I bet a lot of us have fallen down on our New Year’s resolutions already.I resolved to simply ‘get more stuff done’. But I’ll be the first to admit that having that resolution hasn’t made it the slightest bit easier to climb out of bed on a Monday morning - especially in this weather! In fact, all it’s done is made me feel guilty if I don’t bound out of bed (which is a guilt that, let’s face it, we have enough of already!)Sometimes resolutions just aren’t the best way of making yourself more productive, more motivated, or more anything! The thing is, we are all already working as hard as we can, and we don’t need to work any harder... we need to make things easier!Our software is designed for small businesses, and we’ve made it our aim in life to give you guys a helping hand. Here are the five ways we guarantee Appointedd will make your life easier, meaning you can forget all about those guilt-creating ‘resolutions’! Read More
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Our Beginner’s Guide to Marketing: Effective Emails

• 11/23/2015 11:36 AM
As an accompaniment to our Guide to Social Media Marketing, we have put together the ultimate guide to email marketing (we spoil you, we really do). Email marketing is sometimes thought to be ‘outdated’ and ‘old school’, but there are 4.3 billion email accounts in the world and together we all send 196 billion emails a DAY.If you still aren’t convinced, 91% of customers check their emails every single day, and 77% of consumers say they actually prefer email marketing.So it’s a great way to market your business and it’s actually really easy to get right.Here are our top tips to perfecting your email style to get business flooding in. Read More
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