Does your business have £4000 to spare?

That’s the average cost of a cybercrime attack on a small business in the UK.

Have you ever stopped to consider the threat of cybercrime in your business? These days, pirates aren’t just found in the sea, but also behind a computer holding business information to ransom for a hefty bounty.

Earlier this week, BBC News featured a Glasgow salon who were subject to cybercrime.

Their whole customer database was held to ransom with threats to delete it if they didn’t pay £700. They got off lightly.

Security breaches are hitting businesses of all sizes. It’s not just the solopreneurs who should be concerned. TalkTalk, were recently attacked by hackers, stealing 1.2million customer email addresses and 21,000 customer bank details.

The safety of your business systems and data is something that business owners often don’t consider until it’s too late. We’re only human. We prefer to think of all the fun and shiny sides to business.

A lot of the problems for small businesses come from storing their data locally. That is why using a cloud based software as a service provider (SaaS) such as Appointedd can protect you from the worst case scenario, should it happen to your company.


Hosting with Appointedd is secure and robust. Using a hosting platform will ensure your business information is managed by hosting experts.


SaaS companies take the security of clients’ data seriously. Appointedd has an SSL Certificate which means our software, apps, widgets and Microsites run on the ‘https’ protocol. This encrypts data transfer between the client (browser, app etc) and the server.

Our API is secured with the OAuth2 protocol. This is the same authentication mechanism which allows you to “Login with Facebook” for example.

Contingency Plan

Appointedd understands the importance of backing up our customers’ data. We understand that if a small business uses our tools, we become mission critical for that business – they need us to keep everything safe, and so we have robust procedures in place to recover data in the case of system failure.

In the unlikely event that our software hosting provider goes down we have built a ‘safe mode’ version of Appointedd, which can be accessed from a different web address. This means that our customers are able to access full details of their appointments. This ‘safemode’ version of Appointedd is hosted on separate servers and on a separate domain from the core software. If our database goes down, we can still get backups from a cloud storage platform that we use.

So the moral of this cautionary tale is to ensure right now that your business data is protected. Don’t wait till your business becomes a statistic of the £27 billion annual cost of cybercrime in the UK. Stay safe with a swashbuckling cloud based partner like Appointedd.

Published on 6 November 2015