Last year we published a blog on how to to write effective e-mails. But no matter how effective the content of your email is, it really all rests on how your email appears in the potential viewers inbox. And that means it’s time to focus on the subject line.

It’s frustrating but it’s true. You can spend hours perfecting your email, segmenting your contacts, getting the right chatty but informative tone, thinking of a little joke to put on the end, and designing the graphics. But the unjust thing is, you’ve only got about fifty characters to persuade users it’s worth their while to read the thing.

So, here are the best ways to do it.

1) Make the Value of Your Email Absolutely Clear

Think about what you want to achieve with your email, are you making customers aware of a new offer or a new service? Sometimes it is best to simply say so! MailChimp says the ‘best subject lines don’t sell what’s inside they tell what’s inside’. So, you don’t always need a clever pun or a slick mail merge, if you’ve already segmented your audience into particular customers, chances are they will be interested in what you have to offer, all you need to do is make clear what that is.

Once the value of the email is clear readers who go to read it are also much more likely to click on your call to actions, and become leads! It’s less work for you, and it’s much more likely to create results!

2) Focus on an Action

Make your subject line action orientated, this again let’s a potential reader know exactly what they stand to gain from clicking on your email.

So, if you have a 20% discount on offer, tell them this, but turn into an action a potential reader can follow straight away. For example, ‘Get your 20% Discount Now’ (the action being ‘get’) is more clickable than ‘20% Sale Starts Now’. The first one indicates that you have to read the email to get the discount, whereas the second version doesn’t.

3) Keep it Short

If your subject line is more than 45-50 characters you run the risk of people not being able to read it all. But don’t worry, keeping it short is actually a blessing in disguise; the fewer characters you’ve got, the clearer you have to be… and again… it’s less work!

4) Make it Urgent

It’s a relief to know that the traditional marketing phrases we all recognise like ‘today only’ actually do work! If readers get a sense of urgency they are more likely to click on your email as soon as they see it.


5) The First Line…

Okay, so it’s not just subject line, but the first line of your email often also comes up in the preview, so it’s worth thinking about.

So, make it consistent with your subject line, prove that you aren’t leading them to an email about something else entirely.

You could also make your first line a link so readers know they can easily get to your 20% discount, or to the details of your new service, with no effort.

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Published on 9 February 2016