‘Good People Bring Out the Good in Other People’

Life for me is all about people. They just rock.

12 years in Hospitality has taught me tonnes about people. But something irreversible has happened. A magical ‘chip’ has been instilled into me. This ‘chip’ has been programmed to put others’ cares, wants, needs and happiness at the heart of every decision made. Sometimes even before my own. It’s totally natural now and doesn’t need activating. What’s more, is I cannot remove this ‘chip’. And nor do I want to.


Well, it genuinely lights me up to know I made someone happy. Just because I can. Not for money, status, power, or personal gain. Just the pure fact of helping them is what makes me buzz. Even on my day off I find myself helping people with their bags at the train station. Yeah, I know – madness right!

Or, pure genius….

You know why? Because someday, in my eyes, this will be the way all businesses are run (the successful ones anyway). People should be the focus of every business activity. For example, I’m a loyal Apple, 02 and Airbnb customer. It’s not just for money or costs (otherwise I’d choose cheaper alternatives). It’s purely because of their focus on awesome customer service and user experience. And hey, they’re pretty damn successful because of it.

So let’s be real.

Every business needs to make money, right? But to do this, you need people to run, manage and buy what you’re selling. Otherwise your business wouldn’t exist. That’s why focussing on satisfying them will make you a winner each time. Simple as pie.

So, it’s time to install your ‘people chip’. If you want to be successful you need to learn how to really become the Queen of team building.

How? Take some time now to learn about the people involved in your business with these 3 steps:

Step 1: Learn about yourself

Firstly – and most importantly – take the time to get to know you. It may sound crazy, but this gets forgotten sometimes. So grab a pen and paper and answer the following questions.

  • What are your likes/dislikes?

  • Weaknesses?

  • Strengths?

  • Ambitions?

  • Goals?

  • Values?

  • What pushes your buttons?

  • What rocks your boat?

  • What lights your fire?

Go on, give it a go. Once you and your ambitions are a little clearer, your business (and staff) will be too.

Step 2: Learn about your Staff

Secondly, get to know your staff. That 5 minute chat over a cup of tea at the desk is great, but dig deeper. Give them 30 minutes every week. Ask them the same questions you asked yourself. The beauty of having an SME is that you can do this while you’re small. With each and every staff member. So lap it up!

Want to know something? Staff can feel scared to say how they feel about work. Positive and negative things. I see it every day. They think if they speak the truth, their work environment and relationships may suffer. So start asking more questions to learn more about your staff.

Give them some real (but private) time to openly discuss things, regularly. They deserve it!

Step 3: Learn about your Customers

Thirdly, take more time to understand your customer. They’re part of your team too you know!

  • Who are they?

  • What are their interests?

  • What do they need?

  • What makes them happy?

  • How do they feel about your service?

There are hundreds of ways you can capture and store this info. For example:

  • A CRM (Customer Relationship Mgmt) is the perfect way to store customer details and profiles. Goodbye old-skool customer cards! Each and every customer is unique and has different needs. So a good CRM can help you achieve a top-notch tailored service.
  • Online Feedback. Give your customers a way to express how awesome you are. Discover ways you can improve for their benefit. Learn more about what makes your customers tick. This valuable info can be fed back into your team, hurray!

So that’s it!

Why not give these three steps a try today? You may be surprised how much stronger your team could be. Just from listening and learning. Happy people = happy business.

Hip hip Hooray! You’re now on your way to being crowned Queen of team building.

If your staff and customers really matter, why not take the next step? Appointedd have great tools you can use for managing your people. Take advantage of a FREE trial today to see how we can help you.


Published on 5 November 2015