Online booking for retail can be key to the revival of the high street – especially during the hectic holiday season.

The death of the high street has long been forecast. Hardly a week goes by without news of established chains struggling for survival, or hauling down their shutters for good. 

With trouble comes blame, and much of the finger-pointing has been directed online. The internet offers consumers an easy alternative to traditional bricks-and-mortar locations. Why bother, when shopping online means we don’t have to leave the house?

Well, many of us still want to. With Boxing Day upon us, sale season is about to officially begin. Boxing Day and January sales offer a boost to physical retail that can be crucial to meeting your overall sales targets. It’s important you’re ready to take full advantage.

In a world where we shop, chat, work, and play on our devices, people continue to value the in-person experience. That’s where Appointedd comes in.

Appointedd’s online booking system for retail can help brands turn online browsers into real-life shoppers this sale season. Engaged customers are valuable customers. Our data shows customers who book an appointment online to address their specific needs in-store, are more likely to spend more and stay longer.

Appointedd gives you the power to take bookings for stores and services online, 24/7, and watch your clicks become customers. This provides you with an opportunity to offer the kind of personalized in-store experiences online outlets simply can’t match, and allows customers to shop safely and with confidence.

Appointedd’s interface integrates seamlessly with your website, branding, and style, so the steps to booking an in-store appointment become a natural extension of your site.

You can set automated emails and SMS notifications to confirm bookings, and issue friendly reminders to customers as appointments draw near. Appointedd works across devices, and integrates with major payment processors, so any services that involve a fee can be paid for bookings upfront.

At Appointedd, we understand time is a business’s most valuable commodity, and no time is more pivotal in the retail business than the holidays.

With retailers under pressure to turn “bricks into clicks”, it often seems like you can either maximise your online presence, or focus on the customer experience in-store.

With Appointedd, you don’t have to choose. 


Published on 2 January 2020