One of life’s eternal problems (especially when you run your own business) is how to strike that all important balance between ‘work’ and ‘life’.

Blogs everywhere love this topic, and there is advice aplenty on how to get it right. But honestly, do we really need all these tips? In reality, we know the secret. If we want to strike the perfect work-life balance, what we really need to do is figure out a way to work less.

So how can we work less but still get the same amount of stuff done? When you’re running your own business and you’ve got a to-do list that’s longer than a giraffe’s neck, this can seem pretty impossible. But here at Appointedd we reckon we have the answers you need.

Online booking

Online booking is a massive time saver. It means you don’t have to be chained to your telephone or your email. When you are trying to settle into your evening off, you won’t have to keep answering queries, and flicking through to your calendar to see if you really ARE free when you think you are. With our online booking tools everything is automatically done for you, meaning you can enjoy that cup of tea after a day’s hard work without worrying whether anyone is trying to book your services.

Automatic confirmation texts

We are pretty sure you are busy enough as it is without having to draft a text to every customer that books with you reminding them when and where their appointment is. So we have automated the process. You no longer need to worry, and you can use the time saved for getting some of those other jobs on the to-do list done, so when you get home in the evening you really can take that time to enjoy some ‘life’ wins: go to the gym, read that novel, or just enjoy some quality time off.

Automatically recorded customer details

Our booking system will automatically record the details of every customer who books with you. That means all you need to do to provide your customers with amazing, personalised service is have a quick glance at their notes. Plus, next time you want to plan a marketing campaign and target specific customers all the information is ready and waiting for you.

Automatic weekly and monthly business reports

Our booking system generates monthly and weekly reports of all your business, making that marketing strategy all the easier to plan. It’s easy to see when your busy days are, and the services your clients love, so you’ll know just what to focus on straight away, making your business tactics more effective and efficient.

Published on 16 February 2016