An online booking system for hairdressers is a relatively new thing. It used to be that a sturdy pair of scissors, a mirror, and somewhere for your clients to sit was all the technology you needed to get going as a hairstylist. 

How times have changed. Technology is constantly reshaping the way we live and work, and the hair and beauty industry is no different.

Online booking technology has made it easier (we hope) for stylists to manage their schedules, have customers book with them 24/7, and save time on admin that would be better spent making their clients look fantastic.

Now, we’re excited to announce another innovation. And this is a big one. One of our most requested features of all time. You asked, and we answered.

Introducing…our cut and colour feature.


What is the cut and colour feature?

If you work in a salon, you will know that a stylist’s time is precious.

You may offer your clients various cuts, colours, and styles. But what you’re really selling is your time. The more clients you see, the more money you make.

You will also know that not all services your stylists offer run continuously from start to finish. Sometimes there is time left in the middle.

One example is cut and colour. A staple of salons everywhere, a cut and colour often leaves your clients with some downtime while they wait for their new colour to set. They might spend it leafing through a magazine, having a cup of tea, or chatting with other clients.

But what about you? Wouldn’t you rather make the most of the break between applying colour to the client’s hair, and styling it?

That’s what we thought. Appointedd is an online booking system for hairdressers. Our new cut and colour feature you maximize that precious time. 


How does cut and colour work?

If you offer clients services that involve multiple parts, like cut and colour appointments, there’s every chance you want to use the time in between to take bookings from other clients.

That’s where the cut and colour feature comes in. When you create a multi-part service in Appointedd, you can add services with multiple parts , as well as the breaks in between those parts.

Let’s take a cut and colour as an example. If a client wanted to book a cut and colour with you, the breakdown of that service might appear on your calendar like this:

  • Part 1 | Colour application, 60 minutes
  • Break | Development time, 30 minutes
  • Part 2 | Cut and style, 45 minutes

Previously, that service would have to be added to Appointedd as separate services, each with their own duration.

With the cut and colour feature, however, your multi-part service will appear as a single service on your booking page, with a single price and duration to cover everything. That means your clients won’t confuse themselves by having to book multiple services, i.e. a colour then a cut.

On your internal Appointedd calendar, each of the distinct parts of the service will automatically  be added, with a 30 minute break in the middle.

That break will appear as a free slot in your live availability, leaving you free to take bookings from new clients while you wait for cut and colour clients to be ready.


What are the benefits of the cut and colour feature?

There are multiple benefits of multi-part bookings, for both yourself and your clients; chiefly that you are free to continue earning during breaks between services with multiple parts.

Benefits for your clients:

  • Avoiding the confusion that comes with having to book service parts separately, i.e. cut and colour
  • Being able to book one service with one duration and price, rather than lots of mini services
  • Being clear on how much time and money they will be spending in your salon overall

Benefits for you:

  • Saving time on scheduling admin by grouping separate parts of the same service into one convenient block
  • Having the option of making money during breaks between services, like cut and colour, by taking on other clients
  • Enjoying a complete overview of your schedules, and being in full control of how your time is spent

With an online booking system built for hairdressers, your time will always be valued.


How will the cut and colour feature help me?

Working in a busy hair salon is hard work. Harder still if you don’t feel in full control of your schedule.

As a hairstylist, you’re selling your skill, your eye for detail, and your creative flair. Most importantly, you’re selling your time.

Appointedd’s cut and colour feature protects that time.

The time you save, you can spend wisely. Having clients book multi-part services lets you manage your schedule more efficiently, maximize your opportunities for earning, and use the break in the middle of services like cut and colour to take on another client.

Or not.

As we mentioned, working in a salon is hard work. You could use your time to make money. Or you could use it to take a break.

Appointedd’s hairdressers online booking system puts you in control.

To learn more about our multi-part booking feature, check out this handy guide.


Published on 14 January 2020