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Appointedd Customer Success Story: Castlefield Beauty Bar

By Leah Hutcheon July 21, 2016


Castlefield Beauty Bar is a super-stylish hair and beauty salon in the heart of Manchester city centre, specialising in hair, nails, makeup and massages for both ladies and gents.

Castlefield Beauty Bar’s owner, Anish has used Appointedd since August 2015 to completely manage his business.  Anish chose Appointedd’s online booking software as it seamlessly integrated with his existing POS system – Epos Now.

Using Epos Now and Appointedd enables Anish to manage his entire business from his back pocket, with visibility to all sections of his business, from appointment booking to staff management.

Castlefield Beauty Bar has used Appointedd to streamline, grow and manage the business over the last 12 months and has benefited greatly from Appointedd’s features:

With the Appointed and Epos Now integration, Anish now has instant visibility across all areas of the business, from appointment booking to staff management and have witnessed some fantastic results including:
  • Reduction in missed appointments
  • Increase in client engagement – via targeted marketing 
  • Simplified account management 



The Appointedd system is affordable with the ability to integrate to your point of sale system and backed by excellent support from the team.”

Anish Nambiar, Castlefield Beauty Bar


24 / 7 Booking

Like most salons, Castlefield Beauty Bar’s staff are often busy and don’t have time to answer the phone to take bookings. Appointedd makes it really easy to take bookings online or via Facebook.


It’s simple to install the Appointedd online booking widget, add your own brand colours and instantly provide your customers with a great way to make appointments 24/7 from any location on any device – it’s like a digital PA.

Every Appointedd package also comes with a free online booking microsite, allowing your business to take bookings online even if you don’t have a website for your business.

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Facebook Booking

Facebook is a key marketing tool for Castlefield Beauty Bar as it allows the team to reach their target market customer in their local area quickly and cheaply. Appointedd makes it easy to add a booking app to your business’s Facebook page so that visitors are able to make guaranteed bookings right there on your Facebook page.

You can design your Facebook booking app so it fits in perfectly with your brand. Choose the exact colour of your branding or website, so you’ve got a little slice of your business, right there on Facebook. Your customers can book online – incentivise them to share your page with their friends and create a real buzz!

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Marketing Campaigns

Appointedd makes it easy to send SMS and Email Marketing campaigns to customers. Castlefield Beauty Bar can fill cancellations and empty slots at the last minute by sending out SMS or email campaigns via Appointedd.

Castlefield Beauty Bar uses Appointedd’s email marketing tools to engage your customers with offers and deals to drive loyalty and repeat business. With Appointedd you can create a campaign in minutes and see the results instantly with new and repeat bookings.

99% of all SMS messages sent get read, and businesses that do SMS marketing get 57% more engagement with their customers. With Appointedd you can keep in touch with your customers quickly and easily, sending SMS marketing campaigns and special offers.

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Epos Now Integrations

Castlefield Beauty Bar uses Appointedd with their POS System Epos Now. Appointedd and Epos Now work seamlessly together, reducing admin and saving time.

epos-now-overview-1.png“The ability to be able to reconcile accounts via the report in Epos Now and Appointedd makes it really easy for our accounts to be done. And if there’s a discrepancy in the accounts I can always go back and check the appointment in Appointedd to sort it out. It really simplifies the business management.”

Anish’s customer data is synchronized between Epos Now and Appointedd, so all his customer records are updated in both, no matter where a booking takes place.

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Anish takes advantage of Epos Now and Appointedd’s exclusive partner pricing to get the best tools at the lowest price. For just £30 (inc VAT) per month using promo code “EPOSNOW”. Anish has access to the full Appointedd system, unlimited booking apps and email marketing, and the package even includes 250 SMS credits.


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