Your company website is often the first point of contact with new customers. They’re looking for a service and suddenly, like the Lady of Lake emerging with Excalibur, there your business appears, wielding the answer.

But websites can be tricky things, and sometimes features that seem like a great idea in theory can actually turn people away before they get past the homepage. Here’s a list of serious website niggles, and some appealing alternatives.


#1 – Buffer off

Your website is beautiful, a tour de force of online presence for sure. The problem is… no one sees it, because it takes 8,000 years to load, and by the time it does your potential customer’s children’s children are no longer interested. Without a doubt, slow loading pages are my personal Room 101 of the internet. Streamlining your website so that everything runs like clockwork (maybe even a clock that runs a few seconds fast) is the first step to a happy online customer, believe me.


#2 – Autoplay nightmare

I’m not sure if my all-consuming anxiety over autoplaying music on webpages is just a relic of the harrowing days of MySpace or not, but as a general rule people don’t like to be surprised by websites that spring noise on them out of nowhere. I’m sure this is just common sense, but probably best not to literally scare your customers away straight off the bat. Keep the autoplay out of the way.


#3 – Easy booking

Giving your customers a quick and simple online booking tool takes 100% of the hassle out of making an appointment or reservation. There’s no warming up your phone voice or scribbling on the back of an old envelope for someone to mistakenly throw in the bin – Appointedd puts all the information in one place to make life easier on both ends.


#4 – Chains are only as strong as their weakest link

When you’re trying to find out more about a company online, being led on a meandering treasure hunt across the length and breadth of the internet is frustrating. Providing clear signposted links to all your social media platforms – such as your Facebook page, your Twitter account, etc. – makes your operation seem thorough and well-organised, and saves your users from having to hunt out additional info under their own steam.

It’s also important to make sure your website and all your other platforms are as cohesive as possible, for example by having the company logo as the profile picture for all accounts. There should be no confusion at all that this is one whole operation, with all arms and other limbs working together in seamless unison.


#5 – Simplicity

A good mantra for life in general: just keep it simple. Your website doesn’t have to be flashy and complicated to attract attention, it just needs to work. Decluttering your pages and having a clear layout is the best thing you can do for your users, and a simple, sleek design is often the most professional and appealing.

Using high-quality stock images and keeping designs simple will help keep your website simple. Simplicity is key to a good user experience, so keep things streamlined as much as possible.

So in the interest of giving the world the best first impression possible, and preserving the nerves of finicky internauts like this one, be sure to give your website the love and attention it deserves.

Published on 11 November 2015