Starting a business is a whirlwind of emotions. You feel incredible moments of elation and painful crushing lows.

Eventually when you look back at the whole experience you’ll realise how much fun it really was. I actually recommend that you schedule a few days of reflection into your business plan. It helps.

Right, these were picked

1. The rejection gets easier, but it still sucks. every. single. time

2. After endless hours of meetings, calls and emails. It all catches up with you, trust me

3. Weird moments of intense productivity, mad boss vibes

4. When you get that first sale #ThatFeeling

5. When you deliver to the customer and it’s not what they “expected”

6. When it is what they expected, it’s never how you expected they would use it

7. Sometimes, just sometimes, it doesn’t work out and a customer leaves you

8. After your physically and mentally draining roller coaster of emotions. You know that you just got to keep on trucking! Any way possible…

9. It’s not all bad, eventually success comes your way and you can finally choose how to spend your time

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Published on 19 June 2015