When you think about it, starting your own business is a lot like cooking. No, really, stay with me here. You have your recipe (your business model), your ingredients (your time, effort, and money), your sous-chefs, and if you mix them all together the right way you end up with something delicious. Or in this case, profitable.

With that in mind, here are some quotes about the art of cuisine that you might find inspirational to you, as a business owner. As long as you take them with a pinch of salt. (Salt, get it? Ha ha. Ha.)


A recipe never turns out the same way twice, and no two days are ever the same in the business world!


Like love, running a business also requires hard work, dedication, and the occasional slamming of doors.

3.cooking_quote_31.jpgTrying to wow the world on an empty stomach is like trying to run a car on an empty petrol tank: frustrating and ultimately pointless.

4.cooking_quote_41.jpgIt’s never a waste of time to remind yourself why you started this in the first place: to do what you love, your way!

5.cooking_quote_51.jpgSometimes success can come from the simplest idea.

6.cooking_quote_61.jpgNo matter how manic things get, giving yourself the time and attention you deserve is never something that should fall by the wayside.

7.cooking_quote_71.jpgSound advice for cookery, business, and life.

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Published on 8 April 2016