When you are running your own business it can feel like you are constantly making sacrifices. Whether it is simply the chance to get some much needed ‘me’ time (perhaps sneakily catching up on last week’s First Dates…), or sacrificing the time you once had to get to know something personal about each one of your customers and perfect your customer service. Whatever it is, it can often feel like you are leaving something vital behind as you whirl around your office each week.

With this is mind we have developed five quick ways that will let you run your business and feel like you can catch up on doing the things you love. You really can have it all, and you can have it completely stress-free

1) Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

We are all only human, and a side effect of this seems to be that we are constantly looking to what others are doing and judging our own progress on it. What you have to try your best to remember is that what makes your business special is that YOU are the one in charge, it is YOUR business that your customers love. Just because your competitors might be taking a different approach does not mean it is right for your business as well. It’s time we stopped stressing the small stuff when we go to bed at night, and start simply trusting in our gut instincts again.

2) Trust in Outsourcing

Sometimes even offloading one responsibility to a trusted colleague can make all the difference. It will lower your stress levels, give you a little extra time, and will improve your output elsewhere. Meaning that to-do list you make every morning might actually get finished!

3) Streamline Your Service

It is easy to get bogged down in the small tasks involved in running a business. This is where our software Appointedd can really help: online booking and payments that sync with all your other systems can be a real time saver, and can give you a little time to concentrate on yourself again.

4) Schedule Time Where Work Is Not Allowed

We know you are passionate about your business, but sometimes everybody needs a little time out. It could be a holiday, a weekend, or even just an evening, where work does not have to cross your mind. Appointedd allows you to schedule marketing texts, emails in advance. So all you have to do is sit back, relax, perhaps have a cocktail, and enjoy your time off.


5) Celebrate All Your Achievements

It is so easy to stress about the goals you have not achieved yet, but we rarely take the time to take stock and celebrate what we have done. So remember how far you have come, and think back to how things were a few years ago.

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Published on 1 February 2016