We are often told to be creative, to stand out from the crowd, to make a difference with the goal of reaching success, as if you just had to decide to ‘be creative’ and suddenly everything would work out. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done. Online scheduling can offer a myriad of creative possibilities to your business. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind while on the quest for creativity and differentiation from your competitors.

Remain curious

It sounds pretty obvious, but curiosity is often linked to creativity. The main point is open-mindedness. We have to keep in mind that something different from what we are used to is not necessarily bad, even if it looks strange at first sight. Many of the people who have made a mark on the world were disregarded at first. Remain curious; listen to other people and their ideas while sticking to your ethics. It is always a good thing to hear different opinions, perspectives, and points of view from yours. People come up with ideas and solutions that you may not have even started to think about.

Don’t be afraid of being different

When we start a new business, pivot, or start to make big changes in an established business – when we want to expose new ideas, opinions or concepts – we might fear rejection from the target audience. It is a completely normal human feeling; we rarely feel totally secure when we decide to try something different from what is currently being done in the world. This fear should not be a barrier to actually taking action. Whatever you do, there will always be people who like it and people who reject it. You cannot achieve total satisfaction from everyone, so give your ideas a try anyway. The public may be sometimes hostile, but you will see that people eventually evolve and change their mind if your idea is worth it and if you give enough commitment to your project instead of keeping it to yourself.

But don’t try to be different just for the sake of it

Differentiating your business from others should be done to support a worthy goal and a valuable project. Keeping an open mind and being confident with your ideas are good things: trying to be different at all cost is not one. There are risks in trying too hard to play it different from all the other businesses. The main one is that people will see it. Not only will people eventually think that your project is hollow and uninteresting, but they also might think that you are trying to fool them just for your profit. Trying too hard to be different often gives the impression that this so-called difference is a way to cover a lack of ideas or originality. It would be a shame to give an awful impression to people if you do have a valuable product or service. Do what you do well, embrace your best ideas with honesty and thoroughness and the unique selling points will emerge and bloom organically.

Published on 2 May 2018