Drive service engagement and increase footfall with streamlined online booking tools

Improve consumer engagement by reducing queue times and maximizing convenience while increasing store visits and consumer dwell time

Convert online traffic to footfall

Drive footfall by enabling customers to book services online. Appointedd’s online booking technology provides a convenient way for customers to reserve time slots for services 24/7. Customers can plan their visits around their bookings to maximize the time they spend shopping.

The ultimate customer experience

Customers can book the services your mall provides, such as short-term childcare, personal shopping experiences, or in-store events in seconds with a simple online booking app. Meanwhile, your team has all the information they need to deliver a tailored and personalized service every time a customer visits.

Track customer activity and grow loyalty

All communications, customer details, and bookings made are added to the customer profile within Appointedd’s CRM which can be used in marketing campaigns or as an aid for staff. Market to past customers according to past interactions, demographic, or what services they have used to bring them back for a memorable and convenient shopping experience every time.

Online booking app for business
What can you do with Appointedd?
Build customer loyalty with improved service and highly tailored experiences
Drive conversion and footfall to stores with quick, convenient online booking from a website, social media, or online ads
Provide a highly personalized service with custom questions that allow you to gather and store customer details in advance of bookings
Increase revenue per customer by improving accessibility of services and increasing shopping time
Differentiate the brand from competitors with advanced, progressive online tools
Deliver services that are bookable online for customer convenience and improved efficiency for staff

Will my customer data be secure?

Yes. Appointedd’s security is externally audited and complies with the most stringent security requirements.Appointedd use a strong SSL encryption protocol (TLS v1.2), a strong key exchange (ECDHE_RSA with P-256), and a strong cipher (AES_128_GCM) to encrypt communication of customer data over HTTPS between the clients, servers and the database.

Can Appointedd work with existing systems?

Yes. Appointedd has an open API and over 30 integrations with leading business management applications, from CRM to HRM and much more. You can continue using your existing calendar and simply make it bookable with Appointedd. Our technical team will work hand-in-hand with you to ensure our platform is fully embedded and optimized for performance from day one.